Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year, same old project.

No progress on the film yet, but I've modified the design of the fox somewhat. There are now two versions I'm thinking about, thanks to Josh for suggesting the second. I like the look of both, even though I'm leaning more toward the second design, mainly because it is a bit less conventional than the traditional blue-glowing spirit. The fox is supposed to be an entirely otherworldly creature anyway. Please tell me what you think- the top drawings are more stylized, the bottom are what it would look like on a background.

The fox tail is supposed to have a smokey of billowing effect as it stays still. The white version would leave a sepia trail through the forest. I'll have to modify the design of the cave as well to fit with the new fox if I do go with the second version.

Also some tentative color schemes for Dot in various lighting situations. I still hope for my film to get to a colored stage by the end of the semester. Her design is also slightly different, as I'm trying to simplify everything for ease of animation and cleanup.

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